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Have a Workplace, Class, or Group That Would Benefit from Human Trafficking Training? Fill out the form below and a member of MAAT will get back to you!

Which of These Best Describe the Kind of Information You Are Requesting? Don't forget to add in your request Location, date & time, audience receiving training, the number of people, etc.

  • Human Trafficking 101.

  • Prevention Training.

  • Sector-Specific Training for Your Company or Group.

  • Self Defense.

  • Defensive Tactics 

  • University or School Presentation.

    Undercover Field Operations  Training (Restricted).

  • Undercover Internet Operations Training (Restricted).

  • Developing a multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task force for Governments. 

  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance (Restricted).

  • Intelligence Collections and Analysis (Restricted).

  •  Interdiction For Counter Trafficking Operations (Restricted).

Organizations with specific training needs can request custom courses.

MAAT training courses are recognized by The International Anti-Terrorism Professionals Association. MAAT meets their quality standards and criteria and hereby is endorsed and has IATPA Seal Of Approval.


Thanks for submitting!

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