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🗣️ Raise Your Voice:

As martial artists, we possess the skill not only to fight but also to speak up. MAAT can provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become an advocate, mentor, and catalyst for change in your community. Your voice can make a significant impact by raising awareness and generating support for the cause.


Survivor Stories

"We worked 24 hours a day because the sessions were timed; if the customer exceeded the time limit, they would knock on the door, and the client would leave, but another client who had been waiting for his turn would come in." It didn't matter if you were on your period or not; nothing mattered."  Fatima Pena' [Spanish to English translation]

The Faces of Human Trafficking (Office of Victims of Crime)


Testimony Of Undercover Special Agent

"a person with a female voice was heard telling a man that she doesn't care if girls eat or don't eat if they are sick or healthy, but that women have to fulfill the service.."  Agent P [Spanish to English translation]

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